Storm-Damaged Tree Removal Services

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storm damage tree removal ctA storm with strong winds, lightning, or heavy snow can cause major damage to the trees on your property. Wind can blow and snap branches, lightning can split a tree, and snow can weigh down branches and cause them to break. If a tree is damaged during a storm, many homeowners think it must be cut down. However, in many cases it is possible to save the tree.

Can a Storm-Damaged Tree Be Saved?

If the damage to the tree is relatively minor, such as a couple of fallen limbs, it is probably possible to save the tree. It can be pruned to remove the damaged limbs so it can recover and grow again. Young trees are especially resilient and able to overcome damage caused by a storm.

In cases of more serious damage, it might be possible for a tree to recover, or it might need to be cut down. It depends on the amount of damage, its location, and the overall health of the tree. A healthy tree can often recover even if multiple limbs are damaged. With professional pruning, the tree can survive. If the damage is severe, the tree may need to be cut down.

Contact Watson Treeworks for a Tree Assessment

Watson Treeworks is a professional tree service company serving residents of Hartford, Middlesex, and New London Counties in Connecticut. If a tree on your property has been damaged in a storm, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. We can tell you if it is possible to save the tree or if it needs to be cut down.

If the tree can be saved, we will prune it so the remaining branches and trunk can continue to grow. If the damage is too severe, we will cut down the tree to prevent it from falling and causing damage to your home or vehicles.

Watson Treeworks is a family-owned business with experience in tree consulting, pruning, and removal. We will look at the condition of the tree in your yard and advise you on the best course of action to protect your property.

If you need to have a tree examined or would like an estimate for tree pruning or removal, contact Watson Treeworks today.

Watson Treeworks employs a team of tree service professionals who can help with tree removal, pruning, trimming, and bracing and cabling. We offer our services for both emergencies and routine calls. To get an estimate, contact us today.