Watson Treeworks – Safety

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tree safetyThe employees at Watson Treeworks are trained to make safety the number one priority. The mission of our company is to provide a safe environment for our employees free from all hazards. We have developed a safety-training program to ensure that safety is the number one emphasis.

  • Our training includes the following
  • Safety manuals issued to crews
    • On the job training
    • Weekly safety meetings with all workers
    • Safety gear and Personal Protective Equipment provided from day one on the job
    • Classes and training in the following areas:
      • Tree Felling
      • Ropes and rigging
      • Chain saw and equipment safety
      • Electrical Hazards Training
      • First Aid/CPR
  • Prevention
    • We work hard to prevent any accidents and injuries through our various safety protocols. These practices help to provide a safe environment for our workers as well as our customers. All of our safety equipment is inspected on a regular basis and our workers are trained to take precautions to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Watson Treeworks employs a team of tree service professionals who can help with tree removal, pruning, trimming, and bracing and cabling. We offer our services for both emergencies and routine calls. To get an estimate, contact us today.